How do I get a gate code or RFID tag?

Please click here to be directed to the Gate page for instructions on how to obtain  all things gate related.  

When and where is the next HOA board meeting?

Please click here to be directed to the News & Events page that provides a calendar of all events including HOA meetings. 

How can I stay informed on the sewer project?

The county project manager assigned to the sewer project has created a webpage that you can access here or via the Owners Information page.   Look for a button on the top of the project status page that will allow you to enter your email address to obtain current status updates regarding the project.  

Where do I go to set up trash collection services or find the pick up schedule?

Click here to go to the ECUA residential services webpage specific to sanitation services.   The webpage has a section for holiday pick up schedules. 

How do I prepare for a hurricane?

Please click here for hurricane preparation tips. Also look below in the helpful documents library for additional hurricane preparation guides and evacuation plans. 

Does the causeway flood during a hurricane or major storm?

The causeway can and has flooded during major storms or hurricanes.  Historically this has occurred very few times though. If it does flood, it normally will last for a couple of days. Please keep in mind your hurricane checklists that should include enough food and water for a few days for the entire family and your pets.  Backup generators are suggested as well to maintain comfort.    Also it is never advised to cross the causeway, bridges or roads while covered in water as drivers can not determine of the road has been washed out in areas or the actual depth of the water on the road. Do not put you and your family's lives in danger,

I am planning to move onto the island soon, what are my internet and cable options?

Cox   provides both internet and cable services to the island.  Dish and ATT&T also provide services on to the island.  Any satellite carrier will also provide services. 

I see fox are on the island. Should I be concerned?

Red fox have been inhabitants of the island for generations.  They have a long history of being very peaceful, playful and maybe a little mischievous at times but have no reported issues involving pets or people.   The are seen regularly day or night and are part of life here. The fox do shed their fur seasonally which has alarmed some residents into thinking they were sick. Rest assured they are fine.  However as they are wild animals please resist feeding them food as this does negatively impact their ability to survive as wild animals and increases their desire to get too close to humans.

Foxes do help control wildlife we do not want around our homes such as rodents and snakes. 

I bought a lot and plan on building a new home, where do I go to find out about rules for building?

Click here to go to the ACC page that will provide you with what to do and who to contact.  Note , please do not clear the lot until you have contacted the ACC for approvals and guidelines. 

Helpful Links?

We have a helpful links page that provides quick access to websites that are most commonly asked about, such as utility service outages.


Evacuation_Zones_Routes (pdf)


Food_Safety_During_Power_Outage (pdf)


Hurricane Prep Checklist (pdf)


Hurricane Prep (pdf)


Key Websites