Innerarity Island HOA Board

What is an HOA Board?

Our HOA Board and its' subcommittees are made up of resident volunteers who have joined out of a desire to help their neighbors, grow and protect our community by providing time or skills sets .  Our volunteers have a strong desire to grow and protect our community while keeping its' best interests in mind.  

The HOA Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Director positions also sit on the board and provide their input and votes during the quarterly meetings.

Our HOA has retained a property management company to manage our day to day operational activities, resident concerns, and other community related needs. 

Please call Etheridge Property Management at (850) 484-2611 for immediate questions or needs. 

Who are our current board members?

Kevin Wilband - President  -   (319) 561-0254)

Geoff Fournier - Vice President -  (850) 501-8008)

 Mike Floyd   - Treasurer 

Terry Bergstrom - Secretary

 Walt Brown - Director

Joe Ward - Director

Steve  Mims - Director 

Sam Mcknight - Director


The HOA is always looking for new volunteers for board and committee positions so please inquire about how you can help your community by reaching out to one of the current board members above.

Who are our current Committee Members?

Architectural Control:
Committee Chair: Melissa Barnes Geary - (412) 901-5846)


Chair: Kevin Wilband  - (319) 561-0254)

Rich Dewey  - (972) 974-6644)

Beautification/Community Lot:

 Chair: Annette Thompson  


Chair:  Vann Goodloe  


Dennis Geary  -

ROW, Greenways & Community Park Lawn Maintenance: 

Chair: Geoff Fournier


Open Position

Association Manager:
Cheryl Kelley
(850) 484-2611)

Master Road Plans

Master Road Plan 2019 (pdf)


HOA Meeting Minutes


Approved HOA Board Meeting Minutes