Innerarity Island Entrance Gate


Gate Information

Innerarity Island has installed a state of the art DoorKing magnetic lift gate system that utilizes an RFID tag reader system to provide automatic resident access.   

Gate access can also be granted via a resident specific access code entered utilizing the keypad on the left side of the gate entrance.

Residents also enjoy the additional safety benefits of a remote access technology that allows visitors to dial a 3 digit directory code which will call the resident's cell phone, enabling them to remotely open the gate.  This allows the residents to keep their own personal access codes safe and under their own control. 

The Innerarity Island HOA has committed a level of secure community access afforded by few private communities within the area.  A multi-camera video  and DVR system in also installed that monitors the island entrance 24 hours a day. 

Gate Committee Members

Gate Request / Issue Request - Please use the request form below. 

Kevin Wilband - For Emergency gate issues please call Kevin @  319-561-0254 

Rich Dewey

Dennis Geary 

Gate Access Requests

Please use the access request form in the section below to request the following:

  • Gate access codes - Resident or short term codes that can be used by guests, contractors or parties (4 digit code) 
  • RFID Stickers for your vehicles   - Vehicles include golf carts & motorcycles
  • New account set up
  • Directory number that can be used by guests to call your cell phone for remote gate access (3 digit code)
  • Issues you want to report pertaining to the gate system
  • Video system requests


Q:   How much do the RFID tags cost?

A:     Tag costs will be provided upon request.  Please provide cash or a check at the time of purchase to the Gate Committee volunteer that gives you the tag.  Additional types of tags , such as license plate mounted or ID card styles for instances when window sticker tags are not an option.   The Gate Committee volunteers can provide prices for those optional tags as requested. 

Q:   Where can I pick up a RFID tag?

A:    A tag can be picked up after requesting it via the request from below  Requests are normally  acknowledged within 24 - 48 hours of the request.  Please keep in mind are Gate Committee members are volunteers and try to be flexible per their work schedules. 

Q:  Are there user guides or other documentation to help me understand how the gate works?

A:  Yes, please see the 2 helpful guides that explain the gate system and how to use the functionality of it. Both guides are downloadable below. 


Gate RFID Tags, Access Codes or Gate Related Issues

Island Gate Committee Volunteers

Innerarity Island Homeowners Association


Gate User Guides

Gate_User_Guide (pdf)


Innerarity_Island_Gate_System (pdf)