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Why Is Innerarity Special


Fox & Wildlife Amongst Us

Innerarity Island is famous for our beautiful  and gentle foxes that inhabit our wildlife community.  We also have deer, endless varieties of birdlife such as osprey , bald eagle, hawks, and woodpeckers.  Armadillos, raccoons and yes a few snakes can be found as well!   


Amazing Views

One of the best views is found just driving onto the island. Once past the entrance, the scenery just continues to get better.  Sunrises compete with the sunsets with their beauty.  Go to the community park to sit and enjoy both from one of our picnic tables or swing!   Take the kayak out and paddle to the front of the island and sit on the beach and enjoy the island life in peace! 


Friends & Family

Best of all, the island provides the gift of a beautiful  natural environment to spend time  with family or with one of your many friends and neighbors that also get to share this one of kind home we call Innerarity Island! 

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